We believe in plant power.
Low saturated fats, lactose free and very low in calories.
Healthy, tasty, easy, Alpro

Alpro Coconut Unsweetened 1L

Alpro offers in choice. Enjoy a drink with no sugars that tastes delicious, because they blend it together with coconut water. Choose a drink that’s low in waste, because every part of the coconut is used. Imagine you’re swinging in a hammock on an island, refreshing!

Alpro Cashew Drink Original 1L

If you love the creaminess and nutty taste of cashews, you’ll be sure to fall in love with Alpro Cashew Original drink. Enjoy the smooth and creamy texture without feeling guilty, as it is low in sugars and fat. Delicious drunk ice-cold straight from a glass as an afternoon treat or blended in a smoothie.

Alpro Coconut Original Drink 1L

Pop it in the fridge and it will be a tropical twist to your day with maximum refreshment.

Alpro Coconut Chocolate Drink 1L

Low in fat Alpro Coconut Chocolate drink is one indulgence you can enjoy guilt-free, anywhere, anytime. Refreshingly chilled or the perfect cosy drink when warm. That is surely paradise in a glass.

Alpro Almond Vanilla Drink 1L

This delicious drink is a heavenly combination of two of our favorite flavors – the mild delicate flavour of slightly toasted almonds paired with the subtle sweetness of vanilla. Enjoy it pure, make a delicious smoothie or give your muesli a special twist. No matter how you enjoy it most – the Alpro almond drink with fine vanilla flavor enriched breakfast and is ideal for when you need a snack.

Alpro Soya Barista 1L

Alpro Barista (For Professionals), is exclusively formulated for the professional barista. It is the only plant based soya milk alternative that delivers consistent, reliable, deliciously creamy lattes with soya or frothy light cappuccinos with soya.

Alpro Coconut Almond Drink 1L

Combining the tropical refreshment of coconut with the subtle nuttiness of roasted almonds, you will always have a refreshing drink at hand.

Alpro Almond Chocolate Drink 1L

The rich taste of dark chocolate from real cocoa blended with our roasted Mediterranean almonds to create an intensely delicious almond drink that’s low in saturated fat.

Alpro Oat Drink 1L

Original Oat Drink that has a soft and natural taste is rich in fibre and low in fat. It has no added sugars and is a good source of B vitamins and calcium.

Alpro Almond Unsweetened 1L

Low in calories, free from saturated fat and with added calcium and vitamin E Alpro Almond Unsweetened Drink is ideal as part of a varied balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Alpro Hazelnut Drink 1L

Made from lightly roasted nuts and natural spring water, Alpro Hazelnut Drink contains healthy vitamins and minerals but is low in saturated fats and sugars.

Alpro Almond Milk 250ml

Only Mediterranean almonds are used to make this nutritious drink in a small size for you to enjoy on the go.

Alpro Soya Drink Light 1L

With only 44 calories per 200ml you can still enjoy all the benefits of Alpro without losing its milky taste.

Alpro Junior Drink 1L

Nutritionally balanced for kids from 1 year plus to give them all the energy to keep on growing as part of a lactose free lifestyle.

Alpro Almond Milk 1L

Only Mediterranean almonds are used to make this drink. They are roasted and then crushed and mixed with water to bring out the true essence of this nutritious nut which is low in fat and high in minerals.

Alpro Rice Dolce Drink 1L

Naturally dairy and lactose free and with no added sugars it has a light and refreshing taste. It is easy to digest so can be enjoyed by everyone.

Alpro Soya Original 1L

With its smooth and creamy flavour, Alpro’s soya milk enriched with calcium and vitamins is the perfect start to the day.

Alpro Soya Milk No Sugar 1L

Alpro’s unsweetened soya milk is low in fat and no added sugars. It is best used in savoury sauces and souffles.

Alpro Vanilla Soya Drink 1L

Rich, creamy and delicious Alpro Vanilla may be, but it gives you the same plant powered benefits as all our soya drinks; it’s 100% free of dairy and animal fats with a healthy helping of calcium and vitamins.

Alpro Mini Chocolate Soya Drink 250ml

Chocolate flavour Alpro soya milk, the dairy free alternative to milk with added calcium and vitamins. Perfect size for taking with you on-the-go to enjoy at any time of the day.