All natural foods as nature intended

Natural foods are 100% of natural origin or as nature intended. They may not have the same appearance or colour but they are reaped when ripe according to Mother Earth’s natural seasons and weather conditions. Natural foods are not just healthy foods, they are delicious too. Most natural foods have no or minimal processing which means that all the goodness has been left intact. Only the outer tough skins or shells have been removed.

Eating the whole thing means that you are giving your body all the nutrients that this natural food has to offer, mainly fibre, minerals and vitamins. The least processed, or the closer it is to its natural state the more health benefits it has and the healthier it is for you. Natural foods have nothing added and nothing taken away!

Here at Good Earth we think long and hard about what we sell, how it has been grown and how far it has travelled. Taking into consideration these aspects helps us all take better care of you, your loved ones and the environment.

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