Where do Good Earth Californian Raisins come from?

Californian Raisins are essentially dried grapes of the Vitis vinifera. They are naturally seedless and are typically dried by the sun, whether it’s on paper trays or dried on the vine. They come all the way from growers in the central San Joaquin Valley in California.

Once harvested, these grapes are left to dry naturally in the intense sunlight for two to three weeks. During this period, the moisture content drops to below 16% and subtle chemical changes take place within the grape, concentrating the sugars and giving the raisins their attractive blue-brown skin. This process also develops their rich taste.

During processing, quality control becomes the rule of the day. Strict standards are adhered to to ensure that these raisins are free of imperfections thus maintaining their reputation of being the cleanest, most pesticide free and highest quality raisin worldwide.

Californian Raisins are one of the most versatile of ingredients. Laden with healthy nutrients, they make a great snack and add a burst of flavour to anything they are added to.

These Californian Raisins contain fibre, carbohydrates and antioxidants. This makes them a perfect healthy ingredient to add to breakfast bowls, cereals or make your own cereal bars or bakes.

Being a dried fruit they contain propionic acid which acts as a natural preservative. This helps your bakes keep that exceptional taste for longer, if they haven’t been gobbled up instantly!

Rich in fruit fructose, Californian Raisins act as a natural sweetener. Fructose has this magical ability to sustain blood sugar levels without causing the ‘energy dip’ often associated with high sugary foods. Hence munching on a bag of them will help keep you satiated for longer.

Why not try adding them to a simple fruit and nut mix to savour their deep taste. The benefits of adding these deliciously juicy little fruits to your food plan may help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.