What is fair trade sugar and why should I buy it?


Sugar is one of life’s essentials, making it one of the world’s most valuable commodities. Of the $50bn sugar industry, over half of exported sugar comes from developing countries supporting the livelihoods of millions of people.

Despite this, growers and farmers across the globe are still living in poverty and struggle to make a profitable living. Fair trade sugar aims to help fight poverty and build a sustainable community in some of the most deprived areas in the world. The production of fair trade certified sugar focuses on small-scale plantations and makes sure that they benefit from the fair trade premium.

Organic and fair trade sugar

With 80% of global sugar production coming from cane, a crop grown in the tropics, millions of small- scale farmers and plantation workers are responsible for making your days a little sweeter.

Traidcraft offers a variety of fair trade and organic sugar including brown, cane, caster, muscovado and more. Our fair trade sugar comes from two main producers: Craft Aid in Mauritius and The Kasinthula Cane Growers Association (KCG) in Malawi, ensuring funding is available to help farmers and that their communities have easy access to clean water.

Add a touch of sweetness to a fair trade coffee or a fair trade tea, and why not make your tea break really something to look forward to by indulging in our biscuit and cake ranges.

The range includes FT Demerara Sugar, FT Muscovado Sugar, FT White Granulated Sugar, FT Golden Caster Sugar, FT Golden Granulated Sugar, FT Raw Cane Sugar.