Simply for Baristas

With over 30 years’ experience in the world of natural plant based drinks, Alpro has formulated alternative plant based drinks exclusively for the professional barista.

What is Alpro ‘For Professionals’?
• Alpro ‘For Professionals’ Soya or Coconut variants are long life plant based alternatives, specially blended for coffee to make perfect cappuccinos and lattes.
• It never lets you down! For Professionals has a consistent workability and high quality micro foam guarantee for ease of use time after time.
• For 3 decades Alpro has been working closely with growers and farmers across the globe maintaining long term working relationships to guarantee full traceability from crop to crop.
• Being naturally dairy and lactose free, Alpro For Professionals is also suitable for those following a vegan or vegetarian diet

Why Alpro ‘For Professionals’?
• Preparing hot beverages with plant based alternative drinks is a fast growing market and does not only offer something pleasing to the eye.
• We are always seeking a healthier drink when we are out at a café with friends and family. Finding this in an “Alproccino” means that we are having a hot drink that is high in plant protein and low in saturated fat.

Why would you serve coffees with soya or coconut?
• The world over everyone is seeking a healthier lifestyle. More fruit and veg, more plant based foods, less saturated fat from animal origin, more exercise, less stress… the list is endless.
• Soya and coconut provide us with high quality plant protein and a beneficial balance of fatty acids with low levels of the ‘bad’ saturated fats – so it fits in perfectly with a healthy, balanced diet.
• It appeals to most of us as Alpro is high in plant protein, low in saturated fat and full of plant goodness.
• Alpro ‘For Professionals’ is a creamy, sweet plant based milk alternative perfect for creating long, delicious lattes or light, fluffy cappuccinos.

Top Tips for The Professional Barista
When using Alpro ‘For Professionals’
• #1 – Always keep refrigerated and shake well before use.
• #2 – Steam heat the Alpro ‘For Professionals’ in a clean jug to no more than 65˚C.
• #3 – For particularly acidic coffees let the first few seconds of the shot drop.
• #4 – Never re steam Alpro ‘For Professionals

Alpro ‘For Professionals’ is the only plant based milk alternative that delivers consistent, reliable, deliciously creamy lattes or frothy light cappuccinos.