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What is Ecover?

Ecover is a unique brand of cleaning products for your home, your pets and you. The products are all natural and do not harm the environment. They are made from natural sustainable PLANT BASED INGREDIENTS, they leave fewer unwanted residues, biodegrade even more quickly and completely and have less impact on aquatic life.

All Ecover products do not contain PHOSPHATES, a common pollutant for our water, which algae overfeed on. NO OPTICAL BRIGHTENERS are used, a chemical which reflects light and makes your clothes and linens look brighter or whiter than they actually are. These are toxic to aquatic life and may cause skin rashes and sensitivity. Ecover doesn’t use any PETROLEUM in its packaging but something called PolyEthylene (PE), a green plastic called Plant-astic that’s 100% renewable, reusable and recyclable – made from sugarcane!

No need for extra foam boosters to obtain streak free sparkle. Ecover’s NO FOAM BOOSTERS policy means that the surfactants they put in their products are natural, from plant based sources, rather than petrochemical ones. One squirt is as effective at cleaning as the rest, but with less bubbles.

The range of products is endless – natural and effective washing up liquids, multi surface cleaners, window cleaners, dishwasher tablets, dishwasher rinse aid, oven cleaners, washing powder, tablets and liquid, washing detergents for your delicates, stain removers, fabric conditioners, natural whiteners, toilet cleaners, bathroom cleaners, liquid floor soap, limescale remover, liquid hand soap and shower gels.

10 reasons to buy use Ecover products

Every action you make in life has an effect on something else.

Using Ecover helps reduce the toxins released into the aquatic environment

Minimum impact on aquatic life

The natural plant & mineral based ingredients used by Ecover help limit the unnecessary chemicals you take into your home

No artificial colours or fragrances

No chlorine, no phosphates

Ecover is easier on your skin. Plant based ingredients are better for sensitive skins

A real alternative to conventional brands

Against animal testing

Suitable for septic tanks

Why use Ecover?

By using Ecover eco-products you show that you care about yourself, your family, their lives and our planet. By using Ecover natural cleaning products you are making the right choice to protect yourself and the environment. It’s your ecological alternative. And Ecover products really do clean well!