Gluten Free Bread Tips

How is gluten free bread different to traditional bread?
The absence of gluten means that no kneading is required. Follow the recipe and quantities carefully, and remember that your “dough” will have a sloppy consistency, more like a batter than an actual dough.

Do I have to knead my gluten free bread?
Good news, you don’t have to!
Can you make gluten free bread in a bread machine?
You can make great gluten free bread in a bread machine using our recipe. Some machines have a Gluten Free Bake setting or you can use the Rapid White programme and Dark Crust setting. If needed, contact your machine manufacturer for advice.

How can I achieve a good crust on my gluten free loaf?
The structure of your gluten free loaf will continue to develop while it is cooling down, so allow it to cool completely before slicing. If the outside of your loaf seems dark and crusty, wrap the loaf in a clean tea towel while it cools. Alternatively, brush the outside of the loaf with a little melted butter when it comes out of the oven. If using a bread machine and your crust seems a little pale, select the Dark Crust option next time.

How long does gluten free bread keep?
Gluten free bread is best eaten on the day. Alternatively, if you are not going to eat all of your loaf within 24 hours of baking, we recommend freezing it, either whole or sliced. Frozen slices can be popped straight into the toaster.

How can I refresh my gluten free loaf?
Slice day-old gluten free bread and toast it or simply pop it in the microwave on high for a few seconds. It can also be used to make great breadcrumbs or a wonderful gluten free bread and butter pudding!