Fair, Unrefined & Healthy

What makes these sugars so special is the intensity and depth of their flavor- it is not only about sugar and taste but also about guaranteeing a better deal for Third World producers


Why Choose Traidcraft Fair Trade Sugar?


Traidcraft’s fair trade range of sugar ensures funding for projects that help farmers and the community including easy access to clean, drinking water and in building sustainable communities in disadvantaged areas which are prone to drought and flooding.

The Fairtrade premium has been spent on many projects and benefits to the farmers and their community. These include ploughing up and replanting with new sugar cane to ensure future crops, maize during a time of famine, electricity for one of the main villages where the farmers live and boreholes to help more people get easy access to clean water.

Unrefined sugar comes directly from the cane, so it retains its natural flavour and colour. Besides, it has locked in all its nutrients which are not eliminated during the refining process.


Fair Trade White Sugar is an everyday sugar used as a sweetener in teas, coffees and in everyday baking.

Fair Trade & Unrefined Golden Caster Sugar is a light, free-flowing fine sugar. It is the perfect everyday cooking and baking sugar where it’s natural colour and flavour can help you create your own masterpiece

Fair Trade & Unrefined Demerara Sugar has a rich aroma with a crunchy texture. It is the perfect sugar for coffee and as an extra crunch in crumbles and cakes.

Fair Trade & Unrefined Muscovado Sugar is a soft, dark brown sugar with a rich molasses flavour and adds depth to fruit cakes and marinades.

Fair Trade & Unrefined Raw Cane Sugar is a versatile sugar to suit all kinds of home-baking, from shortbread to puddings, cookies to cakes.

Traidcraft was established in 1979 as a Christian response to poverty, and are the UK’s leading fair trade organisation. They run development programmes in some of the poorest countries in the world, and campaign in the UK and internationally to bring about trade justice. By sourcing and purchasing Traidcraft sugar we are contributing to make our Earth a better place.