5 Feel-Good Reasons to Try Pulses Today

From lentils and chickpeas to dry beans and peas, pulses are the planet-friendly superfood you’ve been waiting for. Packed with protein and boasting endless nutritional health benefits, these sustainably sourced legumes are as good for you as they are for the planet. When enjoyed in everyday recipes, pulses pack a nutritional punch you’ll be glad you discovered.

Need some convincing?

Here are 5 feel-good reasons to try pulses today.

1. Pulses are nutritious (Very, very nutritious!)
High in essential vitamins and minerals but low in fat, pulses are widely considered to be a superfood that can fight disease and contribute to a long, healthy life. Pulses are particularly good sources of fibre and protein, a pairing that provides sustained energy but keeps cholesterol levels low.

Did you know? Chickpeas have 5 times more iron than spinach per serving

2. Pulses have huge health benefits
These humble seeds boast substantial health benefits. Cholesterol-free and low in fat, pulses reduce the risk of heart disease. Rich in iron, they help boost energy by aiding the transport of oxygen through your bloodstream. Pulses also promote healthy bone structure with a good helping of manganese. And the list goes on! Pulses can help to maintain a healthy gut, improve brain function, aid weight loss, and control diabetes.

3. Pulse production is water and energy efficient
Here’s where the planet-friendly superpowers come in! Kilogram for kilogram, pulses can feed more people than meat and require just a fraction of the resources required to raise livestock. It takes 43 times more water to produce 1kg of beef than 1kg of pulses! That’s a sustainable superfood. Unlike many other crops, pulses also don’t require the use of nitrogen fertilizer, giving them a much-reduced carbon footprint.

4. Pulses increase global food security
For many people, regular access to meat, dairy, and fish can be cost-prohibitive. Pulses provide a safe and nutritious food at a low cost, and their long shelf life means they can be stored for months without losing nutritional value, reducing food waste. Especially in developing countries, pulses help lift farmers out of rural poverty. Pulses can command prices two to three times higher than cereal crops, and their processing provides local job opportunities.

Did you know? The water savings of growing of pulses instead of beef is 165kg. This would fill an Olympic size pool.

5. Pulses are a sustainable crop
Farmers all around the world know how important pulses are to their sustainable farming systems. Unlike most crops, pulses extract nitrogen from the air around them and fix it to the soil, leaving behind nitrogen-rich residues and other compounds that help fight disease and insects. This enriches the oil, making it possible for the next crop in rotation to produce higher yields.

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