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Ωmega Wellness

Seeds like nuts have an excellent nutritional profile – they contain beneficial monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, good sources of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E, calcium, iron and zinc. Because of their high oil content, seeds can go rancid quickly, so it’s best to store them away from direct sunlight in an airtight container … Read More


Have you had your handful yet? Throughout history, nuts have been a food staple around the world as an integral part of different cuisines providing rich flavours that complement just about anything from herbs and spices to fruit and veg, cheese or meat. There are a variety to choose from almonds, Brazils, cashews, coconuts, hazels, … Read More

How to cook Quinoa

So you’ve bought yourself a packet of quinoa but now you don’t know what to do with it! Read on. We just can’t get enough of this healthy super grain. It pops up in every recipe page and cookery book. Why? High in protein, fibre and naturally gluten free, quinoa is one of those superfoods … Read More

The health benefits of cinnamon

Can cinnamon improve blood sugar and reduce blood pressure? Does cinnamon ease digestive problems? There is no kitchen cupboard that has a packet of cinnamon! This favorite household spice has been used throughout for many centuries, it has a pleasant flavour and when used in cooking has a warm smell, especially in baking. Originally from … Read More

6 steps to prevent diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is Australia’s fastest growing chronic disease, but lifestyle changes can greatly reduce our risk. Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases in the world. Right now, almost 250 million people worldwide are affected and this is expected to increase to 380 million by the year 2025. In Australia, it is estimated … Read More

Drink Rooibos Tea in Spring

  Rooibos, also known as Redbush has strong anti-allergenic properties. It is obtained from the fermentation of the twigs and leaves of Aspalathus linearis, a bush originated in South Africa. There are 2 types of Rooibos: red (fermented) and green (not fermented). The only difference between them is their taste, red being sweeter whereas green … Read More

What’s the difference? Allergies and Intolerances

So, you’re gluten intolerant, but you’re out for dinner with your friends and they order dips to share as the entrée. The platter comes out and it’s the most amazing display you’ve ever seen. All of your favorites too, served with bread and crackers. What are you going to do? Eat the dip with your … Read More

B vitamins may have ‘protective effect’ against air pollution

    B vitamins may offer some protection against the impacts of air pollution, a small scale human trial suggests. Researchers in the US found that high doses of these supplements may “completely offset” the damage caused by very fine particulate matter. The scientists involved say the effect is real but stress the limitations of … Read More


Samuel Johnson’s 1755 dictionary defined oats as “A grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland appears to support the people.” The Scotsman’s retort to this was, “That’s why England has such good horses, and Scotland has such fine men!” Oats (Avena sativa) have a sweet flavour that makes them a … Read More

8 Reasons Why a Plant Based Diet is Good for You

Research continues to reveal the many ways in which the veg diet can benefit health. If you’re transitioning to a more plant-based diet, you’ll be happy to know that new studies confirm that the vegetarian diet—typically high in fibre and low in fat—is beneficial to many aspects of your health. And if you’ve been a vegetarian for … Read More

5 ways to boost energy with diet

  Finding it hard to concentrate at work or falling asleep on the sofa? Fight fatigue with these diet tips   Fill up on breakfast Studies show people who eat breakfast are in a better mood and have more energy all day. Good options are wholegrain cereal or porridge with semi-skimmed milk and sliced banana or a few raisins, … Read More

How to get a good night’s sleep

Do you struggle to get a good night’s rest? A few diet changes can make all the difference… Insomnia affects about a third of the UK population. It leaves you drained and unable to manage things, adding to higher stress levels. Top tips: • Swap sugary cereal for a wholegrain alternative topped with milk and … Read More

Healthy eating for your heart

  A healthy diet can help reduce your risk of developing coronary heart disease and stop you gaining weight, reducing your risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. It can also help lower your cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of some cancers. Even if you already have a heart condition, a healthy diet can benefit your heart. … Read More

A Simple Message: Breakfast is Important

A new study from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) adds to evidence that eating breakfast is important for good health. Researchers found that men who regularly skipped breakfast had a 27 per cent higher risk of heart attack or death from coronary heart disease than those who did eat a morning meal. Non-breakfast eaters … Read More

What is fair trade sugar and why should I buy it?

Sugar is one of life’s essentials, making it one of the world’s most valuable commodities. Of the $50bn sugar industry, over half of exported sugar comes from developing countries supporting the livelihoods of millions of people. Despite this, growers and farmers across the globe are still living in poverty and struggle to make a profitable … Read More

Artichokes, leeks and onions could improve sleep and relieve stress by boosting levels of gut bacteria, ground breaking research shows

The popular vegetables are deemed high in dietary fibres known as prebiotics  Prebiotics act as food for good stomach bacteria and allow them to multiply  Rats who consumed them had a better night’s sleep, new research shows By Stephen Matthews For Mailonline PUBLISHED: 13:09 GMT, 27 February 2017 | UPDATED: 21:14 GMT, 27 February 2017 Eat onions, leeks and artichokes if … Read More

People Against Dirty

What is Ecover? Ecover is a unique brand of cleaning products for your home, your pets and you. The products are all natural and do not harm the environment. They are made from natural sustainable PLANT BASED INGREDIENTS, they leave fewer unwanted residues, biodegrade even more quickly and completely and have less impact on aquatic … Read More

Defending Bees

Most people’s knowledge of honey consists of a few simple facts: bees make it; it is a sticky, sweet and viscous amber liquid; and it is a natural and healthy product. In truth, honey is the result of a complex and precise relationship between bees and their environment and it is a crucial element for … Read More

Organic Moringa – The Miracle Tree

Moringa powder is produced from the leaves of the Moringa tree, which grows in a wide variety of ares of Africa and Asia. Moringa has been called the Miracle Tree, due to the variety of medicinal properties it offers. It is a staple of Ayurvedic medicine and has recently become popular worldwide. Moringa powder is … Read More

Fruit and veg: For a longer life eat 10 a day

Eating loads of fruit and vegetables – 10 portions a day – may give us longer lives, say researchers. The study, by Imperial College London, calculated such eating habits could prevent 7.8 million premature deaths each year. The team also identified specific fruit and veg that reduced the risk of cancer and heart disease. The … Read More