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Glorious grains, super salads, lighter you

As the weather is getting warmer and the evenings getting longer, so are our bodies looking for that seasonal change. We start stripping off our chunky sweaters and jackets and replace them with lighter and brighter clothes. We start looking at ourselves in the mirror and notice the bulges of overindulgence during those cold, wintry … Read More

Unleash the power of almonds

Almond trees date back to the period of the Ancient Greeks where they were bestowed upon as a health giving pick-me-up. They have since become an integral part of our Mediterranean diet for their great nutritional profile. Almonds are high in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals such as magnesium which can contribute to help us … Read More

Simply for Baristas

With over 30 years’ experience in the world of natural plant based drinks, Alpro has formulated alternative plant based drinks exclusively for the professional barista. What is Alpro ‘For Professionals’? • Alpro ‘For Professionals’ Soya or Coconut variants are long life plant based alternatives, specially blended for coffee to make perfect cappuccinos and lattes. • … Read More

Start the day the Jordans way!

Sitting down to your first delicious bowl of Jordans muesli, you know you’ll be treating your body to the sort of nutritious energy it needs to get through the day. Blending raw British wholegrain cereals and toasted wheat flakes with a crunchy layer of nuts and seeds, finishing with sweet Flame raisins and juicy fruits … Read More

An Incan Treasure – Superfood Quinoa

Quintessential as part of a vegetarian and vegan diet, quinoa is today revered as the world’s healthiest food The Incas called it Mother Grain. This wholegrain is in fact a seed which has been cultivated for thousands of years and is mainly grown in Bolivia and Peru. It is a powerhouse of nutrition, heralded as … Read More


Amaranth is the common name for more than 60 different species of amaranthus, which are usually very tall plants with broad green leaves and impressively bright purple, red, or gold flowers. Three species — Amaranthus cruenus, Amaranthus hypochondriacus, and Amaranthus caudatus — are commonly grown for their edible seeds. The name for amaranth comes from … Read More

5 Feel-Good Reasons to Try Pulses Today

From lentils and chickpeas to dry beans and peas, pulses are the planet-friendly superfood you’ve been waiting for. Packed with protein and boasting endless nutritional health benefits, these sustainably sourced legumes are as good for you as they are for the planet. When enjoyed in everyday recipes, pulses pack a nutritional punch you’ll be glad … Read More

Barleycup: The Natural Alternative to Coffee

Made only from wholesome roasted barley, rye and chicory, Barleycup is a range of instant hot drinks that are free from caffeine and artificial additives. In addition, Barleycup drinks are also certified gluten free. Full of flavour and lots more besides, Barleycup is your natural alternative to coffee. At only 10kcals a cup and with … Read More


  YOU’LL FEEL FULLER FOR LONGER The soluble fibre in oats, beta-glucan, slows the process and speed at which food empties from the stomach which has the effect of keeping us feeling fuller for longer, meaning we’ll be less likely to reach for a snack. THEY CURB SUGAR CRAVINGS Oats are a low glycemic load (GL) … Read More

Why You Need To Eat Seaweed

Seaweed is a soul food that makes us feel good and is connected with phases of the moon, the seasons, and tides. Here are three reasons to incorporate seaweed into our diet. TASTE The first and most important reason to eat seaweed is that it tastes good. Flavours range from salty to sweet and nutty … Read More

The Best Morning-After Foods

Had one sip too many this weekend? Get back on track with these nutritional powerhouses GINGER Make a brew with this medicinal root and your upset tum will thank you for it. Just finely chop or grate a couple of inches of fresh ginger and pour over a pint of boiling water. Brew for five … Read More

All About Chickpeas

High in fibre, protein and manganese, they’re little bites of goodness. We’ve compiled seven reasons why we should be eating more chickpeas…. 1 Chickpeas contain phytoestrogens which are a weak plant-form of oestrogen. Evidence suggests this can help regulate the body’s production of the hormone which can help to lower the risk of breast cancer 2 Phytoestrogen has also … Read More

The Truth about Chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolate? It is the first food we reach out when we need a treat. But after enjoying that slab, feelings of guilt kick in and we stress about that unhealthy indulgence. Hold on, not all chocolate is bad for you, in fact, it is not as bad as people have made us … Read More

Fair, Unrefined & Healthy

What makes these sugars so special is the intensity and depth of their flavor- it is not only about sugar and taste but also about guaranteeing a better deal for Third World producers   Why Choose Traidcraft Fair Trade Sugar?   Traidcraft’s fair trade range of sugar ensures funding for projects that help farmers and … Read More

Health in a bottle

The very best of Provencal fruit, seed and nut nectars Organic virgin pumpkin seed oil is obtained from the first cold pressing of organic pumpkin seeds to give us a dark green oil. It has a strong taste which is naturally rich in Omega 6 and Omega 9. It also contains phytosterols (aka plant sterols) … Read More

What is wild rice?

What is wild rice exactly?!   So what exactly is wild rice? Contrary to what many people believe, wild rice is not rice at all but a grass. Much of it sold in the world today is not even wild but rather cultivated varieties that do not occur naturally. Wild rice is really an annual … Read More

Bringing you a taste of Italy to your table

Castellino distinguishes itself from other supermarket brands thanks to its high quality olives, vegetable creams and grilled vegetables. Their innovative methods of preserving has allowed them to remain fresh for longer for all of us to enjoy this delicious Mediterranean range Castellino has been producing high quality products since….with innovation, love and care Using age … Read More

Feel Good Cleaning

People who use Ecover products care about themselves, their family, their life and their planet as they find the right balance between green and clean Ecover’s unique range of cleaning products offers many environmental advantages that benefit humans, animals and the environment. Made from natural sustainable PLANT BASED INGREDIENTS, they leave fewer unwanted residues, biodegrade … Read More

The power of plant foods

What is plant-based eating? Plant-based eating conjures up images of a strict vegan diet, but enjoying the benefits of more plant-based choices doesn’t mean becoming a full-time vegan or vegetarian. It is about reshaping what’s on the plate by making a few simple swaps, while still treating yourself to your favourite meat or dairy products … Read More

It’s Super for a reason

Jordans delicious Super Granola is bursting at the seams with scrumptious ingredients to make it super in every way. A base of crunchy, honey-baked oats followed by a good sprinkling of super berries or nuts, make for a stonkingly good breakfast. Jordans Super Berry Granola – Each spoonful of Jordans Super Berry Granola contains the … Read More