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So Free chocolate bars by Plamil

Plamil has introduced a new range of thin organic chocolate bars and intensely thick chocolate spreads, So Free. They contain No Milk, No Nuts and are Gluten Free, Vegan and 100% Plant Powered. They are also ethically made using renewable energy. First company to make organic chocolate, Plamil was also the first to make chocolate … Read More

What is Moringa Powder?

Moringa powder is produced from the leaves of the Moringa tree, which grows in a wide variety of areas of Africa and Asia. It has been used in traditional Indian medicine for thousands of years. It offers over 90 essential vitamins and minerals and its wide nutritional profile supports good health and wellbeing. Moringa powder … Read More

What are Cacao Nibs?

Cacao grows on tropical trees and is native to Central and South America. It is the main ingredient in chocolate, but it is increasingly consumed for its nutritional value as well as its taste. Cacao is high in magnesium, which supports the nervous system and reduces tiredness, stress and fatigue. It also has a high … Read More

Love Baking

With cooler temperatures approaching, why not indulge in a little leisurely baking? Gone are the days when the only flours we could use were bleached plain white flour or its sister, bleached self-raising white flour. Walking down supermarket aisles today you can various packets of different flours milled from endless whole grains that nowadays form … Read More


Please see below a video about Tracklements which was produced by the supplier of our solar panels:

Gluten Free Bread Tips

How is gluten free bread different to traditional bread? The absence of gluten means that no kneading is required. Follow the recipe and quantities carefully, and remember that your “dough” will have a sloppy consistency, more like a batter than an actual dough. Do I have to knead my gluten free bread? Good news, you … Read More

Eating walnuts may boost gut health, cut cancer risk

Consuming half a cup of walnut per day may help protect the digestive system by increasing the amount of probiotic bacteria in the gut and ward off risks of heart and brain disease as well as cancer, researchers say. The findings, from the animal study, showed that a walnut-enriched diet reshapes the gut microbe community … Read More

Gluten Free Cake Tips

How can I tell when my cake is cooked? Just like a traditional cake, insert a cocktail stick into the middle of the cake and if it comes out clean it is cooked. Can I make my cake in advance and then freeze it? Most gluten free cakes freeze really well. Freeze the cake as … Read More

Gluten Free Pastry Tips

What is the best type of fat to use in my pastry? Choose a chilled, hard fat with a high melting point such as butter or lard. Traditional dairy butter makes great gluten free pastry and will have a lovely flavour, whereas lard will add extra crispness. Can I use a non-dairy spread to make … Read More

The Benefits of Eating Buckwheat

What is Buckwheat? Buckwheat is a ‘Super Grain’ full of nourishing vitamins and minerals for your body and gut health. It is part of a group of foods often called ‘pseudocereals’, whereby they are consumed the same way as cereal grains but are in fact seeds. The sneaky buckwheat, isn’t actually related to wheat at … Read More